Will camp be running this year? 

EBC senior staff are continuing to plan camp as of right now, with the hopes that camp will be able to run. Currently, we are diligently monitoring the current circumstances and isolations occurring due to the pandemic. It is likely camp may be cancelled all together; but we wish to be prepared and able to respond to added restrictions and directions from the government if possible. Given the evolving situation we will be following the direction of the Union of Slavic Churches Board and the Government of Canada. 

Should I apply to Quest or as a Staff member this year? 

Yes, we are still accepting applications. With all of the uncertainty of the times we would appreciate knowing who would be willing and able to volunteer at camp this year in the event that we can run it. We are also looking at alternative plans to reach children and families during the late summer months. We will keep you posted! We ask that anyone who is immunocompromised would NOT apply to camp as a staff member. We love you and want you to be safe! 

Camper and Quest Applications, and Payments.

At this time we will not be taking payments for Quest or Campers. Given the uncertainty of camp we feel that for now it would be simpler to postpone deposits and final payments closer to the date of camp. 

Camp Illnesses and Safety

Given everything that is happening we would prefer that anyone who is immunocompromised would not apply to camp as a staff member or camper. We love you and want you to be safe! If camp is able to operate, we will be following the guidelines for sanitation and hygiene outlined by the Canadian Government.  We are also working to update our communicable disease procedures to match with the severity of COVID-19.